Bar Coded Clinical Chemistry Reagents, and Laboratory

Bowtie Laboratory Consulting Reagents

Bowtie Laboratory Consulting offers a large, and growing range of bar-coded, liquid stable reagents, controls, and calibrators, including but not limited to those need for:

  • Basic and Comprehensive Metabolic panels
  • Lipids panels
  • Hepatic Function Panels
  • Renal Function Panels
  • Electrolyte Panels
  • Specialized chemistry reagents.

Bowtie Laboratory Consulting is a proud distributor of Thermo Scientific™ Drugs of Abuse.

Instrumentation & Equipment

No one knows more than ourselves, that reagents are not all you need to keep your instrument nor lab up and running to the best of their abilities. Which is the reason we also offer fully refurbished chemistry analyzers along with all the consumables, spare parts and service that you need to keep your analyzer and lab running smoothly. Including:

  • Sample Cups
  • Patient, Stat, Calibrator, and Control Racks
  • Replacement Bar-codes
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Replacement parts