Laboratory Equipment & Instrumentation

Setting up or upgrading a laboratory and its equipment is no easily accomplished task. From the choice of equipment, associated costs from purchase and installation, it can be daunting.  To help in cost containment, aside from our high-quality reagents, we also offer refurbished instruments and ancillary equipment essential to either start a new lab or to upgrade an older piece of equipment.  Bowtie Laboratory Consulting’s fully trained service staff is fully capable of providing high quality, like new refurbished equipment for the entire laboratory.


AU Series Chemistry Analyzers

These fast, powerful and precise analyzers boast high throughput, very low sample volumes, and unparalleled ease of use. These analyzers are open channeled systems and when combined with the Bowtie Laboratory Consulting line of chemistry reagents provide the laboratory the ability to run either serum or urine with a menu rivaling any large reference laboratory at a fraction of the cost.

Au Series Analyzers

Other General Chemistry Analyzers

Different labs require different instrumentation, run different tests, and have different porposes. We understand that, which lead us at Bowtie Laboratory Consulting to not only supply and service our analyzer of choice, the Olympus AU Series, but also to provide and maintain many other analyzers, all bringing their specific strengths to your operation:

  • Hematology Analyzers
  • Cell Dyn
  • Sysmex​
  • Diatron
  • Microplate Analyzers
  • ELX 800​
  • DSX
  • Gemini
  • Special Chemistry Analyzers​
  • ​Gemini